Friday, 3 January 2014


Perhaps you have felt it too. New years have always held inordinate amounts of promise for me. Waking up on the first morning of the year is like turning to the first page in a new notebook; it is a clean slate ready for writing; ready for stories and lessons and wonder.
I honest-to-goodness rode on the back of a motorbike for the first time in my life that day. I took a swim in the wonderfully weedy and muddy dam at the bottom of friends' property. And I sailed around two different lakes in the same day. I cannot explain what helium rises to my lungs when I remember it. It is an amazing, twirling confusion of weightlessness and evernescent breath that empowers beyond the limits of imagination-- that harnesses the soul in all the adventure it has experienced and pushes it to more greatness. I want this year to be lived that way with every step. I want a life that thrives off this: the deep loving of others and the harsh fervor for contagious adventure. I want to pull people along on expeditions to the unknown and laugh at the time to come as I boldly walk into the can't-see-beyond-my-nose fog of the next year. This year must be full of exciting change and exploration. It must shake me up in the best ways. It shall. I will not let this year be anything other than that which will glorify God in the ways that he has for me. I will take joy in beauty and sorrow alike. I will love the unloveable. I will wear beautiful dresses. I will be seventeen. I will love the One that created me, and I will love the life he gave me in all of its imperfection.

Perhaps it is not a simple coincidence that the completion of our journey around the Sun is called a revolution? Go on out and change the world, one glorious moment at a time.


Enigma said...

Fortes fortuna iuvat

Cassie said...

Beautiful. Oh... gosh.. my, it's so amazing! Best thing I've read all week!

Cassie xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm refreshed Ginny!