Thursday, 15 August 2013

Oh, How I Love Them iv: Jonah

Jonah is my younger brother of eleven, rambunctious, random-noise-making, but kind and pleasant. His great passion is Lego, a skill which surpasses all those of his mates and which he is pleased to prove. Always calling for a game of this or that, a jump on the trampoline, or a play date with a friend, he is active and fun-loving, while remaining a rather down-to-earth character, task focused and rule-oriented. This side of his character can annoy the rest of us, but at other times it helps keep us on track. It is an attribute that guides much of what he does from playing to working. His lightning-fast fingers are put to good use in front of a computer screen. Few AI can stand in his way. I admire mostly his perseverance. This quality sees him accomplish tasks of huge dimensions. It is also one that inspires me to accomplish my own.

Oh, how I love him.