Sunday, 25 August 2013


The idea of a 'friend'- a good friend- makes me think of storm clouds; boiling, churning, moving from the horizon towards me. It reminds me of huge fields of wheat, bending, swaying in the wind in one golden dance, deep, cool water on a Summer day, yellow flowers. It makes me remember the things I love.

A friend. Honest and open with you. They communicate with you, whether it be with words, actions, or by letter, email, or text. They let you know how they are, and ask how you are. They speak honestly of you to others, but do not slander. They use a measured amount of discretion in every relationship.

A friend does not leave you alone when life happens. And life will always happen; friends ride the peaks and troughs together.

The most beautiful parts of us cannot always disguise the blackest, but having a trustworthy someone there to confront us about it is often what we need, though not ever what we want. All of us should be prepared for that, to accept it with humility and grace, two qualities that do not get enough use in my own life.

Friendships can survive, even when both people are flawed (we all are), but both people need to see that the flaws exist, or else no healthy relationship exists at all. A friend is loyal, but not exclusively. They stick with you, but not at the grave expense of others. It is possible, always, to have more than one friend; even more than one good or best friend (though that term itself is exclusive), but these friendships should not be able to maim or dismantle others, nor hinder any from beginning.

The very best friendships are ultimately those that are directed and guided by God, and which answer to his teaching and authority. These are always the best, because He himself created friendships. . .he is the author and sustainer of each.

P.s. I have many good friends, which makes me a very blessed girl. 


Holly said...

Oh, so beautiful Ginny. Your gift for stringing words together to create something wonderful is so unique and precious.
And I am so truly thankful for your friendship, always will be. :)

Naomi Klaz said...

Ginny, oh so true, especially the second last bit... I'm reminded of the lyrics of a song: "Friends are friends forever, if the Lord's a lord of them"
I can honestly say you've been one of the best friends I've ever had.