Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Oh, How I Love Them iii: Annie

Then there's Annie. She's nineteen months younger than me, but we share a bedroom, refuse to share clothes, share living space, share our lives, really. We're mistaken for twins, our voices are extremely similar. Sometimes I think we're almost the same person, or two aspects of one. At fifteen, she does not lack in talent what she does in age. Guitar riffs stream out of our room every day, her photography skills on less-than-competitive cameras are incredible, she writes songs, creates cards, draws to rival the best, is eloquent, lovely, ah. Near-perfect as a beautifully accomplished woman. But what characterises Annie most perfectly is this: That she loves wholeheartedly and faithfully what and whom she loves.

Oh, how I love her.

 P.S. The above photos were taken by the incredible Lara Arkinstall, whose blog is wholely winsome, and can be found here.


Eloise Kate said...

Oh, Ginny... You and Annie are such beautiful people and I am so, so lucky to know you guys personally.
I love you.

Imogen said...

That comment made my night. I love you too. xx

Lara Anastasia said...

That second to last sentence describes her so beautifully. She has a generous heart.
(Thank you for the shout-out. You're too kind. Xx)

Holly said...

How beautifully you've described her...I'm just going to be reading this over and over again. :D