Saturday, 20 July 2013



I love silence. I love stillness. Invariably, I go outside and climb up the ladder to the tree platform that has recently made a home in our front yard, just to get away from the noise and ache and strain of living on the ground. There is something so poignantly relieving about escaping to a little sanctuary three metres above humanity. I lie up there, quiet. Maybe I read, maybe I write speeches that will never be spoken, or compose exquisite songs that voices will never sing. Or maybe I stay, speechless, thoughtful, soundless, listening; for a moment; for an hour; for an entire day...Life goes on without me and I am content to let it.


Briony said...

lovely ginny. so perfect and well written.

Holly said...

But I do hope those exquisite songs composed by you will be sung many times in the future. :)

Elizabeth said...

Mmmm. Silence can be wonderful. Funny, I've just re-discovered the beauty of tree-climbing - at 12am last night. :) Your description is beautifully written.

India said...

I think I need a treehouse... :)
Or at least some place of silence. Silence is beautiful, just as you so wonderfully described.

Lara Anastasia said...

Mmm, it is good to be still.
Love the image you created with your words.