Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Those Days

Everybody has those days, I guess. The days when being cheerful is harder than some make it out to be; the days when the words 'war' and 'broken' and 'hurt' make you want to cry; the days when the Sun isn't shining, when you want to click your fingers and make some things disappear; the days when you don't think that you have much good in yourself at all. The days when you've kind of forgotten how to love.

A friend wrote me a letter a short time ago that seemed to paint my heart in the words that were written there. 'Perhaps I got proud... and I've hit smack-bang into a brick wall. I need to pull my socks up, but it seems their elastic is gone and they will keep slipping down.'


And I ache in those days, because I sense that perhaps...I am the problem. The re-ocurring reproach of my life appears again: 'Circumstance does not make you who you are. You make you who you are.' So stop sulking and change things.

No. I can't do that. Not always.
But so much more comfort can be found without pondering hopeless self-help. Jesus makes me who I am. I believe in him. And the Bible says beautiful, true things about righteousness and Jesus, and belief. And so much is relevant to me. To you.

Romans 4:3 is beautiful, paraphrased this way: '[Imogen] believed God, and it was counted to [her] as righteousness.



Elizabeth said...

Again - this post came at the perfect time for me. Beautifully written. Thank you. x

Holly said...

You so encourage and inspire me, Ginny! I'm so privileged to read such well-written, poignant truths.

Parker said...

Thanks for the inspiring words Ginny! WOWZERS DID U TAKE THAT PHOTO!!!???

Imogen said...

Oh, no, Parker. Many of my photos are from pinterest, just to help with the mood of the writing. Thanks!

Connor Grzesiak said...

Spoken true. There is a time for everything as Ecclesiastes so profoundly puts it.