Sunday, 5 May 2013

Adventure: Fire, Cold, and Ginger Beer

4th of May- Saturday- 2013- entry 55

"Yesterday happened, and it was beautiful. T invited me and A up to their house for his birthday and we complied, gladly. Up we went. A campfire was set up, and we sat in front of it long into the night. What a dream. The great, big, star-ridden sky arched over us, just me, E, A and T. The fire flickered. The cold from the elements deepened as the heat from the fire did. Shooting stars shot their way across the sky. Sometimes we would talk, sometimes we would not, staring into the flames without saying a word for a few, silent, companionable moments. We turned in during the early hours of the morning.

I snore, quite badly. Before going to sleep, I told everyone to nudge me if I was interrupting their sleep with my raucous oinking. The inevitable happened, of course, when I DID snore and nobody was game enough to nudge me. I have a new name: Lady Snore-a-lot. However, I have revenged. 
T has been dubbed 'The Invalid'.

We awoke close to seven in the morning. After a morning repast of French toast, we set off, just the four of us again, on a picnicking trek. We came to a little, shady green spot, made so by the tall, majestic trees that swayed and whispered above us.


Oh, beautiful. But however silencing the trees were hoping to be, we did not obey in the slightest. What a joyful little party we made, laughing with joy at our glorious situation. We broke out the ginger beer and chocolate cake. "Here's to Adventure and Friendship!" said A. Our little tin cups clinked in a dribbly proclamation of our joy. The next couple of hours passed, alternately, in utter silliness, seriousness, and perfect friendship. Friendly mannerisms were developed with each other. Aren't those wonderful? Nobody else understands them unless they are there at their conception. I love these: The little oddities reserved for different people that prove the friendship, even though it is a strange way to express it.

We left this evening, hearts full, overflowing, and so terribly, terribly happy."


 Photography credit: Elizabeth Somervaille and Anwyn Howarth.


Holly said...

Oh. my. word.
Utterly beautiful the way you described it.
Friendship is beautiful.

Annie said...

A beautiful post. You are so good with words, the pictures are fantastic.