Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I Am Free

...And in the distance I heard thunder, felt the dark; then the first, fat "Ppt." on the pavement. The darkened circle on the ground heralded the rest, falling, pouncing on the ground in a determined stampede of heavy drops. I lifted back my head, reached out my arms, closed my eyes, and breathed deeply. Heavenly, earthy smells of hot pavement, old earth, and steaming relief of the water surrendered into a petrichorical symphony playing into the clouds. Oh, the clouds. Like a pulsing, energetic, fluorescent glow...strength in the sky; fear, wonder, beauty, all at once, I am in awe, I am in awe. Light, glowing aquamarine reached through the clouds with evanescent fingers, and swallowed the sky whole in its glorious light.

I was in it. With it.


Anonymous said...

I literally jumped for joy when I saw this. I love your writing.

Hannah Somervaille said...

Your words are beautiful. I'm so glad you're back. xx