Wednesday, 23 October 2013


We are change. 

In books, the plot moves, the characters develop, in science, the variables change and warp, cells live and die, and in reality, things are changing at infinite rates. Things age.  Reality is in constant flux.
At the essence of being human is change, affecting how we live, where we go, what we do. Don't breathe on me, I will get a cold, don't go there, you'll get an arm chopped off, don't slide down the banister, you will hit you head and get a concussion. Most of the warnings we give or receive arise from the urgency to protect someone from unfavourable change.There is no way we could be human with being succeptible to change. It is how we were made. 

We are change.

The only being not subject to change in all of reality is God, so much so that even his goals, his character, his attributes, his desires, his loves and hates, do not change. He is perfect be-ing. As humans, we are fallen become-ing. Though God remains constant and steady, always the same, always as true and righteous, we are ceaselessly becoming something, someone else. What is that end? What are we going to become? Will we ever stop?
 I think perhaps we might. 
When in heaven, I am sure that time will not be. Eternity will be our clock. We will not age, grow weary, get angry. We will always be honouring God in all we do. I have no idea how we might change physically, if at all, but I do know that our hearts and souls will not change in one aspect at least. Thye will not become dark again like at the beginning of time, and they will not depart from God ever again.
Becoming, changing. These are the themes for our very lives. They are visible in books, movies, reality; in the play of children, in the interaction of work colleagues, in the 5:00pm clean-up times of families. They are obvious in every aspect of our lives, highlighting the incredible God who is not subject to fickle fluctuation. This stark difference between Him and ourselves should make us want to cling to him, because he will not change his mind one day, nor leave us when we most need him. 

He is a constant, the best thing that could ever be hoped for in this universe. 

The best that could ever be. 

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Cassie said...

Absolutely lovely, Ginny. And hey, you have 5:00pm clean-up too!