Monday, 25 March 2013

Atop Clouds and Under Water

I have an insatiable desire to sit on a cloud, right at this very moment. From my window there is a view of a tauntingly plush smattering of clouds. Goodness, how I would love to get up on one of them and lie down on it. Can you imagine- basking in the comfort of unobstructed sunlight? 'Twould be fantastic.

I have another idea. Could you think of much else better than swimming in deep, blue water, without the inhibition of not being able to breathe? I become way too excited when I think of this. I picture a dark blue, endless ocean of water- fresh- cool- unpolluted. And then I picture myself, elated, tumbling about- breathing- underwater. Free. Honestly, in my own eyes, this thought embodies one of the many heights of physical freedom.

What impossible things do you imagine on warm, cricket-chirping, white cloud-ridden days?


Elizabeth said...

I love your idea of being able to swim underwater without breathing.
Since I was little, I've always wanted to fly. The birds up there make it look like so much fun! I'm also desperate to teleport - pop over to Paris for a croissant at breakfast, row the River Thames in lunch break, spend the afternoon sailing in the Mediterranean...I could go on forever. It would be amazing!

Holly said...

Oh, this was so good, I LOVED it...
you're beautiful.